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Landscape Consultant



JPJ Landscapes oversees installation work and act as a mediator between Property Developers, Corporates, Landscape Contractors and Environmentalists. JPJ also manages specialized maintenance contracts on a retainer basis and acts as the mediator between the Client and Contractor, ensuring the highest levels of quality on an on-going basis.

Our expertise is directed mostly towards the landscaping industry, Government, Environmentalists, Property Developers, Corporates, Estates, Eco-Estates and Private Landscapers. With over 30 years of Industry related experience, our consulting role has proven to be of paramount importance in the development of landscapes in a mediating capacity between the developers, landscapers, and environmentalists.

Our retainer work is multi-faceted with an agreed contract dictating the necessary amount of time that JPJ will spend on-site on a monthly, bi-monthly or purely on a consulting basis. Too further boost our Corporate product offering, JPJ also offers an independent auditing service for larger projects & estates. JPJ specialises in auditing the design aspects, horticultural quality and biodiversity of our clients' estates and in so doing ensures that the "resident" maintenance contractors/teams/staff ceaselessly strives towards the highest standards of horticultural and design practices.

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