Chris Barriga is a qualified environmentalist who holds a BSc in Environmental Management (Botany and Geography Major) and specializes in consulting, together with Judy, and adds to the diversity of JPJLandscapes key portfolio areas. We offer a combined horticultural/landscape and environmental consulting service to Eco-Estates, government departments, corporates and other organisations alike.

JPJ offers as part of their portfolio the following services as part of their portfolio:

  • Land rehabilitation and indigenous plant species restoration
  • Project management and monitoring
  • Botanical and vegetation analysis
  • Botanical identification and tree ID tags
  • Plant search and rescue
  • Alien Invasive Species (AIS) consulting -

    • Identification
    • Monitoring
    • Management Plans
    • Eradication
  • Ecological Restoration and monitoring
  • Sub – Consultant services to EIA in the Vegetation and Landscaping fields.


JPJ has been involved in land rehabilitation projects, botanical analysis, AIS management programmes, botanical search and rescue, and various other environmental projects. We have been involved in the rehabilitation of various quarries such as the Hilton Quarry Project. With this service added to our portfolio we are able to offer a unique combination of landscaping, horticulture and environmental consulting services to each of our valued clients.