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Client Profiles

Umhlanga Ridge Town Centre Logo

Exciting things continue to happen on Umhlanga Ridge and JPJ is at the heart of it all! New projects continue to spring up along the Ridge area and JPJ is working closely on whilst continuing with the many site audits required on the Ridge.


the Ridge Management Association Logo

The RMA has a long standing relationship with JPJ and we are kept busy with on-going audits on the Ridge. The scope of work required is massive and it is a great challenge to continually ensure that the RMA gets the best quality out of their on-site contractors possible. It is a privilage to be involved in this truly world class development area and we continue to strive towards offering the RMA a product that is of the higest quality. JPJ has facilitated training for the RMA contractors on an on-going basis and will continue to mentor the many staff on-site to ensure that the standards required are upheld & honored. 

Gillian Hunter Garden

JPJLandscapes landscaped the Hunter garden and has been providing a consulting/retainer service since the initial development. We visit this property on a monthly basis to ensure that the original vision of the garden is maintained. We ensure this by mentoring and developing the on-site gardener(s) on-goingly and provide advice on planting combinations & care during our visits. 

Debbie Blofield Garden

The Blofield garden is one of our residential clients that we have a retainer contract with. Judy consults there on a monthly basis to ensure that the desired qulaity of the garden is kept in tact. Judy has provided recruitment and on-going mentorship for the Blofield gardener. Bheki has recently won the SALI National Gold award for this garden. 

Mahmood Bana

Judy has been the resident Horticulturalist for the Bana family since 2006 and has installed several gardens for the family. Judy consults for the Bana family on a montly basis at 3 different sites and continually mentors the resident gardener(s) to carry out their massive tasks with pride and passion. The development of the Bana properties is on going and recently one of the Bana properties has undergone major renovations in which JPJ has played an integral role.

Stihl Logo

JPJ has enjoyed a long standing partnership with Stihl and JPJ has been involved in numerous projects in association with Stihl over the years. JPJ is a preferred service provider for consulting as well as installations for the many development & Social-Responsibility projects that Stihl is involved with.  

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San Lameer Logo

Heading down the scenic South Coast, you will find and come to appreciate the world class San Lameer Golf Estate. JPJ is closely involved with the San La Meer Estate and reports to their Environmental Committee several times a year. The resort has placed a strong emphasis on excellence in maintenance and good environmental practices as well as working towards a sustainable landscape. Feature planting is also a continual focus in uplifting areas on the Estate as well as the on-going creation of natural areas of interest.  

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Old Mutual Logo

JPJ consults for Old Mutual Properties on various projects, most noteably the Gateway Theatre of Shopping (one of their developments). We have a long standing relationship with Old Mutual and we continue to strive for the best product delivery to be offered. It is a privilage to be a consulting partner for this Group and we continue to enjoy Old Mutual's heart for aesthetics. 

Mondi Logo

Mondi's headoffice is based in the Hilton Quarry Office Estate and is one of the several commercial properties JPJ consults at on a monthly basis to ensure that his known brand portrays their value for the Green Industry through their beautiful gardens. 

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Jeffares & Green Logo

The Jeffares & Green offices are located within the Hilton Quarry Office Estate, and their gardens are auditted by JPJLandscapes on a monthly basis. JPJ provides on-going consultation to these gardens and their caretakers and ensures that the highest standards are upheld, even in times of drought! 

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Illovo Sugar Logo

Merebank is an industrial area with many factories. The client, Illovo Sugar, requested a beautiful garden for employees to enjoy. Judy designed and installed a largely indigenous, self-sustaining garden which is known to be the only bit of 'green' space in this tough, polluted environment. Simultaneously, she trained BBBEE contractors to maintain this site, which hugely improved their skills. JPJ consults at Illovo on a weekly basis & is mentoring the resident gardener(s) on a continual basis and in so doing, ensures that the garden is kept in top condition throughout the year. 

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Collins Group Logo

JPJLandscapes has had a long standing relationship with the Collins family, and we audit the gardens of the Hilton Quarry Office Estate on a bi-weekly basis. This estate houses many Large Corporate clients and our weekly inspections include the rehabilitation of the Hilton Quarry next to the Office Park.  

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